Arts & Crafts

Inspired by the tropical flora and fauna of the island, the turquoise ocean lined with grey and black sand, and influenced by a rich cultural heritage, Saint Lucian artists produce unique works of art and craft that relate the life and history of a people, but also conveys the interconnectedness of cultures. The vibrant colors and creativity of Saint Lucian art can be a great addition to one’s art and craft collection, or can bring warmth to one’s home or office décor.

shoulder bag_4

Shoulder Bag

Living in Saint Lucia means being in the midst of brilliant, vibrant colours every day. Its exhilaration and excitement inspired the maker to design garments and accessories that will bring a sunshine, happy mood to those that wear and use them. Each one of these products is individually designed and hand dyed on 100% cotton fabric. Their colours are deep and lush bringing the Caribbean into your very being wherever you are. Brighten your life and take a little of Saint Lucia home with you!

Grasshopper Sea

Wildlife Art

Renowned St. Lucian artist and environmentalist, Dr. Christopher Cox, began painting wildlife and environmental themes when he joined the St. Lucia Forestry Department in 1985.  Countless hours of fieldwork in some of the most remote forests on the island awakened his appreciation for the stunning diversity of plants and animals. His keen interest in environmental conservation has been the inspiration behind his work.

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Christopher is best known for his realistic interpretations of local flora and fauna, and in recent years has developed a signature line of products and souvenir items under the brand Chris Cox Originals that includes fine art prints, greeting cards, calendars, t-shirts and more.

Dr Christopher Cox

Bespoke Paper

Add a taste of class to your occasion. Choose our individually handcrafted paper made from banana pseudo stem. The all natural paper comes in a variety of colors, sizes and formats. It can also be customized and can be put to several uses. Excellent for gift wraps to greeting cards, writing paper, notepads, wedding invitations, book marks, menus, name cards, artworks, etc. A unique product for YOUR unique occasion!

crock pot_2

Coal Pot

Choiseul Pottery comes from a true Caribbean lineage – a mix of Amerindian and African heritage, blended to create a unique Saint Lucian product. Of these are the Coalpot and the Canawi, which are the traditional cooking stove and casserole of Saint Lucia. Food cooked on these stoves (coal pot) in these warm clay pots (canawi) brings a whole new meaning to ‘delicious’!

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How the Coalpot is made?

The tradition of making these unique cooking stoves – the Coalpot, or in the Saint Lucian Kweyol language, the ‘Tesson’ and the round-bellied cookpot, the ‘Canawi,’is a wonder to behold: The skill is handed down from parents to children. Saint Lucia has the largest surviving traditional pottery tradition in the Eastern Caribbean. However, the tradition is in danger of dying out as the younger generation’s interest lies in the towns and cities with ‘real’ jobs. The ‘Coalpot to Go’ project is part of an initiative to help turn this tide and bring this beautiful tradition back – your purchase will help keep this beautiful tradition alive.

Women potters with their families, dig clays from their farmlands, cleaned by hand to remove stones and pounded to exactly the right blend on a flat rock with meter-long pestles made of hard wood; this clay is then passed through the potter’s and her family’s hands again, removing smaller stones before it is fashioned on the potter’s knee with large, soft coils rapidly shaped into the round forms of the coalpot, the cooking pot, kettles, carafes and many more forms.

Traditionally, once formed and dried, the pottery is piled, interspersed with coconut wood, husks and other waste cuttings and wood to form a pyramid as high as the potter’s head, lit in the early morning of a clear-sky day with a light breeze until ‘the pots are burned’ – and at this point the potter removes them one by one with a 3-4 m wooden stick so they can cool and be dusted off ready to sell.

Whether you have a Coalpot and Cookpot as a decoration in your home or to create richly delicious food to share with friends, you’ll always be glad you own one!

StOmer Lady_10

Luigi St Omer

Luigi “Wiggy” St. Omer is an award winning artist that’s participated in many international art exhibitions and is also a muralist with work in numerous municipal and commercial buildings. A former art teacher at St Mary’s College and St Joseph’s Convent the St Omer name is synonymous with art in St Lucia as Luigi is the second son of Sir Dunstan St Omer, the designer of the island’s national flag. Click here to view a video on Luigi.

Vaughn Louis-Fernand

Vaughn Louis-Fernand has been an active and prolific artist for over 40 years, producing many astounding sceneries that define Saint Lucia’s beautiful landscape and his work adorns a number of prominent homes and public offices around the globe.


Hand Crafted Jewellery

A stunning range of hand crafted jewellery, some in silver and other precious metals is available from the growing number of artists on St Lucia. Earrings, necklaces broaches and bracelets are all available. Just contact us for the latest details and pricing which start from £12.95 plus delivery.

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